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A freelance marketing consultant currently working on some interesting projects. From Cumbria but live in Donegal, NW Ireland - both equally beautiful parts of the world. I love being busy, my boys, fresh air and Led Zeppelin. I also like marketing - the strategic challenges as well as the of-the-moment campaigns.

The rock star partnership of sales and marketing revisited

This week I’m going to a seminar on marketing for SMEs and entrepreneurs run by Ulster Bank in conjunction with SmallBusinessCan which promises to be an interesting affair.  Some of the topics under discussion on the SmallBusinessCan website will be addressed, such … Continue reading

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What Quora says about how to market an app

The global apps industry continues to grow massively – iTunes approved it’s millionth app back in November – yet it is still in its infancy.  It’s a very exciting place to be working right now. For hard working appreneurs the only … Continue reading

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Want To Get Into Marketing? Market Yourself First

Originally posted on Just Jennee:
It’s time to bring back the careers portion of this blog. Let’s face it, I could blog about life and its antics for a very long time. This post was originally posted on, where…

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4 steps to a social media strategy (infographic)

The fifth and final infographic I wanted to share this week is another on social media. This deceptively simple visual gives a good overview of what marketers need to consider when putting together a social media strategy.  It’s a good attempt at removing … Continue reading

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The Common Phobias of Creatives (infographic)

The fourth of my series of infographics for this week is this summary of phobias suffered by creative types. It raised a smile, especially the client relations comments at the end (I think I’ve heard all of those as a … Continue reading

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The evolution of time management tools (infographic)

The third infographic I wanted to share this week is a journey through time management tools. There are a lot of tools and techniques to help us manage our time better and I’ve blogged before about how to prioritise tasks.  How … Continue reading

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Opinion burnout (infographic)

In the second of my week of infographics here’s one I like about customer surveys. In the olden days marketers used use postal surveys, people in the street with clipboards and inserts in newspapers and magazines as tactics to garner opinon from … Continue reading

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The Social Sickness (infographic)

I’ve been collecting some great infographics for a while and want to share one here each day this week, since it’s nearly Christmas. Today’s blog is about everyone’s favourite topic – social media. Social media is part of most marketing … Continue reading

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Rocks in his ears and other brilliant descriptions

“My head is not relaxed and there are bees stinging in my throat,”  said The Eight Year old this morning.  A swift aargh confirmed a red raw throat and a ticket to a day off school. One other time he complained of having rocks in … Continue reading

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15 WordPress user errors that make you look silly (infographic)

I have long been a fan of the very wonderful Copyblogger and love to keep tabs on their latest inbound marketing advice. One of my favourite recent posts is this infographic with some useful reminders about keeping your WordPress blog in … Continue reading

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