Janet HarkinGive it some sparkle is a blog about all the interesting things I like about marketing with a particular slant on doing things cost effectively, start ups and learning.

I’m Janet Harkin and I work in the marketing team at Learning Pool, an online public sector training company headquartered in Derry, Northern Ireland.

The name for this blog came from my colleagues at Learning Pool who often ask me to ‘just give this some marketing sparkle!’.

This title may seem a little fluffy and frivolous but those who know me can appreciate its tongue-in-cheek nature.  Marketing is serious business – without it you don’t have a business.

I’ve been a marketer in a successful start up business, a start up that (thankfully) folded after six months, the Department of Health’s Mental Health team and Royal Mail’s philatelic team.

You know it anyway but just so there are no misunderstandings, what I say in this blog is only my opinion and not necessarily reflective of anyone that I work for, have worked for, or am in any way associated with.

I hope you enjoy my posts enough to subscribe which you can do here via email (see right).

I’m also on Twitter (@jharkin) and you can email me janet@learningpool.com or janetharkin1@yahoo.co.uk.

Learning Pool also has a blog.  Here’s the RSS, or the email link. The company is also on Twitter.


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